If you are a regular reader of Adam Jacobs’s blog, you have probably seen his post on some of the exciting things Polycom announced at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference last week in Houston, TX (If not check out the related links section below).  Most people were very excited to see the next generation “center-of-table” camera now known as the CX5100 and CX5500. If you are familiar with the CX5000/CX5000HD you probably know this camera’s origins go back to Microsoft who originally released the first iteration under the name “Roundtable”. The Roundtable was a very unique camera device as it could take a 360 degree view of a room and display it on the screen as a panoramic video feed. A few years ago the device was entrusted to Polycom who started work on building a new next generation “Roundtable” from the ground up. To that end, Polycom plans to deliver two devices known as the CX5100 and CX5500. Polycom has added enhanced audio capabilities as well as the ability to display full 1080p video in both the active speaker and panoramic views. The key difference between the two models is that the CX5500 will have a built-in VoIP phone which will be qualified for Lync. The CX5100 and CX5500 will also be supported as the center-of-table camera option for the upcoming release of Lync Room System (LRS).  If you haven’t seen the CX5100/CX5500 in action, look for them to start showing up later this year.


Full 1080p video





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